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Streamlining Self-Service Business-Driven Development; November 2022, sponsored by TIBCO Software 

Modular Data Platforms for Centralized and Decentralized, Cloud-Based Data Architectures; October 2022, sponsored by Informatica 

Data Virtualization in the Time of Big Data; April 2022, sponsored by TIBCO Software 

 Master Data Management for and by Business Users; December 2021, sponsored by Cohelion

 Logical Data Fabric to the Rescue: Integrating Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and Data Hub; November 2021, sponsored by Denodo Technologies

 SingleStore: Simplifying Data Architectures with a Unified Database; July 2021, sponsored by SingleStore

 Data Fabrics for Frictionless Data Access; April 2021, sponsored by TIBCO Software

 Sustainable Data Architectures Using Data warehouse Automation; April 2021, sponsored by WhereScape

 Explaining the Cohelion Data Platform: From Master Data-driven BI to Integrated Forecasting and Budgeting; November 2020, sponsored by Cohelion

 Raising the Bar for Data Virtualization; September 2020, sponsored by Intenda

 Overcoming Cloud Data Silos with Data Virtualization; June 2020, sponsored by TIBCO Software

 Modernizing Data Architectures for a Digital Age Using Data Virtualization; October 2019; sponsored by Denodo Technologies (Portuguese edition)

 The Business Benefits of Data Virtualization; May 2019, sponsored by Denodo Technologies (Japanese edition) (Portuguese edition)

 The Fusion of Distributed Data Lakes - Developing Modern Data Lakes; February 2019, sponsored by TIBCO Software

 Unifying Data Delivery Systems Through Data Virtualization; October 2018; sponsored by fraXses

 Architecting the Multi-Purpose Data Lake With Data Virtualization; April 2018; sponsored by Denodo Technologies

 The Next Wave of Analytics - At the Edge; December 2017; sponsored by Edge Intelligence Software

 Data Virtualization in the Time of Big Data; December 2017; sponsored by TIBCO Software

 Developing a Bi-Modal Logical Data Warehouse Architecture Using Data Virtualization; September 2016; sponsored by Denodo Technologies

 Designing a Logical Data Warehouse; February 2016; sponsored by Red Hat

 Designing a Data Virtualization Environment; A Step-By-Step Approach; January 2016; ; sponsored by Red Hat

 SQL Syntax for Apache Drill; Using SQL for the SQL-on-Everything Engine; December 2015; sponsored by DZone

 How Drill Enriches Self-Service Analytics; The Added Value of a SQL-on-Everything Engine; November 2015; sponsored by MapR Technologies

 Strengthening Self-Service Analytics With Data Preparation and Data Virtualization; September 2015; sponsored by Cisco

 Agile Data Modeling: Not an Option, but Essential; April 2015; sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies

 Streamlining Self-Service BI with Data Virtualization and a Business Directory; March 2015; sponsored by Cisco

 Behind the Scenes of a BICC in the Cloud; March 2015; sponsored by Inergy

 Migrating to Virtual Data Marts using Data Virtualization; Simplifying Business Intelligence Systems; January 2015; sponsored by Cisco

 Transparently Offloading Data Warehouse Data to Hadoop using Data Virtualization; November 2014; sponsored by Cisco

 Self-Service Operational BI for SAP; August 2014; sponsored by Every Angle

 The New Generation of Self-Service BI; Avoiding Typical Self-Service BI Pitfalls With an Integrated BI Platform; August 2014; sponsored by Information Builders

 Data Vault and Data Virtualization: Double Agility; August 2014; sponsored by Cisco and Centennium

 Enriching Big Data With Mainframe Data Using Data Virtualization; July 2014; sponsored by Rocket Software

 Making Mainframe Data Available for the Entire Organization with Data Virtualization; July 2014; sponsored by Rocket Software

 SQL-on-Hadoop Engines Explained; May 2014; sponsored by MapR Technologies

 Re-think Data Integration: Delivering Agile BI Systems With Data Virtualization; March 2014; sponsored by Red Hat

 Delivering New Business Insights in Big Data Using Teradata Aster Analytics; July 2013; sponsored by Teradata Corporation

 Creating an Agile Data Integration Platform using Data Virtualization; May 2013; sponsored by Stone Bond Technologies

 Key Data Replication Criteria for Enabling Operational Reporting and Analytics; May 2013; sponsored by Informatica Corporation

 Is Actian PSQL a Relational Database Server? March 2014; sponsored by Actian Corporation. Link for Japanese version

 SAP HANA and Data Virtualization: Competitors or Complements?; September 2012; sponsored by Cisco (Composite Software)

 Mixed, Shifting, and High-Concurrency Workloads in Data Warehouse Systems; July 2012; sponsored by Teradata Corporation

 Data Services: The Marriage of Data Integration and Application Integration; July 2012; sponsored by Talend

 Data Replication for Enabling Operational BI; June 2012; sponsored by Informatica Corporation

 Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence Agility; February 2012; sponsored by Cisco (Composite Software)

 Using SQL-MapReduce for Advanced Analytical Queries - Second Edition; September 2011; sponsored by Teradata

 The New BI with Exalead's Cloudview; September 2011; sponsored by Exalead

 Developing a Data Delivery Platform with Informatica Data Services; February 2011; sponsored by Informatica Corporation

 InfiniteGraph: Extending Business, Social, and Government Intelligence with Graph Analytics; September 2010; sponsored by InfiniteGraph

 Developing a Data Delivery Platform with Composite Information Server; June 2010; sponsored by Cisco (Composite Software)