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Articles and Blogs written by Rick F. van der Lans and published in English

 The Multi-Hop Data Architecture Addiction, November 2023 

 APIs Constrain Organizations to Expoit Their Data, November 2023 

 MetaData, the Neglected Stepchild of IT, December 2022

 The Data Lakehouse: Blending Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, April 2022

 Use the Cloud More Creatively, January 2022

 Sustainable Data Architectures Through Data Architecture Automation, October 2021

 Do Unified Databases Make Polyglot Persistence Irrelevant?, October 2021

 From Data Warehouse Automation to Data Architecture Automation, June 2021

 Data Minimization as Design Guideline for New Data Architectures, May 2021

 Data Fabrics Need to Coexist with data Warehouses and Other Database-Centric Solutions, March 2021

 A Decentralized Master Data Solution using Data Virtualization, February 2021

 Streamlining External Data Acess to Enrich Analytics, December 2020

 The Data Mesh, the New Kid on the Data Architecture Block, December 2020

 Developing a Data Fabric, December 2020

 Making Big Data Easy with Data Virtualization, December 2020

 Data Herding Is Not Data Integration!, November 2020

 Benefits of Data Virtualization to Data Scientists, October 2020

 Becoming a Data-driven Organization Requires a Cultural Change, September 2020

 Cohelion, an All-in-one Data Warehouse Factory, July 2020

 How Do You Design New Data Architectures, July 2020

 Eight Data Virtualization Features to Help an Organization Become Data-Driven, June 2020

 New Data Architectures are too Data-Store-Centric, February 2020

 Data Virtualization and SnowflakeDB: A Powerful Combination, January 2020

 How Did Algorithm Become a Dirty Word?, November 2019

 Introducing: The Third Book to Ever Be Written on Data Virtualization, November 2019

 Spark and Data Virtualization: Competitors or Cooperators, October 2019

 Applications Come and Go, Data Stays, October 2019

 Data Modeling Considered Harmful for Big Data, October 2019

 Simplifying Big Data Projects with Data Virtualization, March 2019

 Easy Database Migration with Data Virtualization, January 2019

 Migrating Databases Made Easy With Aqua Data Studio, November 2018

 Data Virtualization and the Fulfilling of Ted Codd's Dream, July 2018

 Part 6: A Unified Data Delivery Platform - A Summary, June 2018

 Part 5: Requirements for a Unified Data Delivery Platform , June 2018

 Part 4: Big Data is Not the Biggest Change in IT, June 2018

 Part 3: How Siloed Data Delivery Systems Were Born, June 2018

 Part 2: Key Benefits of a Unified Data Delivery Platform, June 2018

 Part 1: Drowning in Data Delivery Systems, May 2018

 Data Virtualization or SQL-on-Hadoop for Logical Data Architectures?, April 2018

 Simplifying Big Data Integration with Data Virtualization, October 2017

 Data Virtualization for Developing Customer-Facing Apps, August 2017

 Do Data Scientists Really Ask for Physical Data Lakes, May 2017 

 Do We Really Deploy ETL in Our Data Warehouse Architectures, April 2017

 Challenges for Developing Data Lakes, March 2017

 Automated Migration of ETL Solutions, March 2017

 What Do You Mean, SQL Can't Do Big Data?, March 2017

 Are Analytical SQL Servers Becoming Cheaper?, February 2017

 OLAP-on-Hadoop on the Rise, February 2017

 When to Use NoSQL, January 2017

 The Big BI Dilemma, November 2016

 The Logical Data Warehouse Architecture is Tolerant to Change, November 2016

 The Need for Flexible, Bi-Modal Data Warehouse Architectures, November 2016

 The Roots of the Logical Data Warehouse Architecture, November 2016

 The Logical Data Warehouse Architecture is Not the Same as Data Virtualization, October 2016

 Data Virtualization is Not the Same as Data Federation, October 2016

 The Big BI Dilemma, October 2016

 Interview with Rick van der Lans: New Technologies Complementing Traditional BI, September 2016

 The Need for Self-Service Operational BI Tools, June 2016

 Once Upon a Time ..., June 2016

 Five Levels of BI in the Cloud, June 2016

 Transparently Offloading Data Warehouse Data to Hadoop Using Data Virtualization, April 2016

 The Network is the Database, April 2016

 Is Herman Hollerith the Grandfather of Big Data? April 2016

 A Definition of the Logical Data Warehouse Architecture, March 2016

 Analysts and Data Scientists Need SQL-on-Everything, December 2015

 Big Data Myth 4: Big Data is Unstructured Data, October 2015

 Big Data Myth 3: Big Data is Too Big for SQL, October 2015

 Big Data Myth 2: Analytics Requires Big Data, September 2015

 Big Data Myth 1: Big Data is the Goal, September 2015

 Convergence of Data Virtualization Servers and SQL-on-Hadoop Engines?, July 2015

 The Data Strategy is the Puzzle, June 2015

 How Self-Service BI is Changing Data Modeling, April 2015

 Polyglot Persistence and Future Integration Costs, March 2015

 Data Virtualization and Data Vault: Double Agility, March 2015

 Interview on Big Data Benefits, February 2015

 The Wondrous World of Data, December 2014

 Big Data Warehouses Require Hybrid Data Storage, November 2014

 Self-service Software Missing from Operational BI Picture, October 2014

 Snowflake is a New SQL Database Server for the Cloud, October 2014

 QueryGrid is New Data Federation Technology by Teradata, October 2014

 Pneuron is a Platform for Distributed Analytics, October 2014

 Drowning in Data Lakes and Data Reservoirs, May 2014

 VisualCue: An Alternative Way of Working with BI Dashboards, May 2014

 Selecting the Right SQL-on-Hadoop Engine to Access Big Data, March 2014

 Predicting the Future of IT is Very Difficult, March 2014

 Convergence of Data Virtualization and SQL-on-Hadoop Engines, February 2014

 The Battle of the SQL-on-Hadoop Engines, February 2014

 An Overlooked Difference Between SQL-on-Hadoop Engines and Classic SQL Database Servers, January 2014

 Data Modeling in The Age of NoSQL and Big Data, January 2014

 The Network is the Database; Integrating Widely Dispersed Data with Data Virtualization, January 2014

 Data and Reality, January 2014

 Exploring and Investigating Data with CXAIR, December 2013

 The Data Scientist at Work, October 2013

 Text Exploration: Analyzing Text without the Hassle, August 2013

 Data Virtualization: Where Do We Stand Today?, July 2013

 NoSQL: A Challenge for Data Replication, April 2013

 Ted Codd and Twelve Rules for Relational Databases, April 2013

 Data Replication for Enabling Operational Business Intelligence, March 2013

 The SQL-fication of NoSQL Continues, February 2013

 Is Herman Hollerith the Grandfather of Big Data?, February 2013

 Customer Question 11 on Data Virtualization - How Do I Protect Data?, January 2013

 Customer Question 10 on Data Virtualization - What About Updates And Transactions?, January 2013

 Customer Question 9 on Data Virtualization - Have We Developed Rube Goldberg Machines?, November 2012

 Customer Question 8 on Data Virtualization - Is It Immature Technology?, November 2012

 Redefining Big Data?, October 2012

 Customer Question 7 on Data Virtualization - What About Performance?, October 2012

 New Data Architectures Needed, September 2012

 Customer Question 6 on Data Virtualization - Do We Still Need a Data Warehouse?, September 2012

 Data Virtualization Is About Productivity and Agility, September 2012

 Customer Question 5 on Data Virtualization - Why Not Use Simple SQL Views?, September 2012

 Customer Question 4 on Data Virtualization - What is the Preferred Development Approach?, September 2012

 Customer Question 3 on Data Virtualization - Do Reporting Tools Also Support Data Virtualization?, September 2012

 Customer Question 2 on Data Virtualization - What Is The Best Product?, September 2012

 Customer Question 1 on Data Virtualization - Centralizing Integration Specifications, September 2012

 Data Virtualization for Agile Business Intelligence Systems, September 2012

 New BI Architectures Needed, February 2012

 Big Governance Impact expected from Data Virtualization, October 2011

 Data Virtualization Has Reached Maturity, October 2011

 Is Hadoop a relational Database Server, September 2011

 What is Data Virtualization?, September 2011

 Data Virtualization with Informatica Data Services, April 2011

 JackBe's Presto: A Self-Service, On-Demand Data Integration, Mashup-Based, Dashboard-Oriented, Business Intelligence Tool, March 2011

 Oco - Vendor of Analytic SAAS BI Applications, January 2011

 Clearly Defining Data Virtualization, Data Federation, and Data Integration, December 2010

 Data Warehouses and Elephants: About Reversible Definitions, December 2010

 Extending Business Intelligence with Graph Analytics, October 2010

 Why Graph Analytics?, September 2010

 Using Composite Information Server to Develop a Data Delivery Platform, July 2010

 The Advantages of Data Warehouse Appliances Revisited, May 2010

 A Classification Scheme for Data, April 2010

 Is the Data Delivery Platform a Federated Architecture, March 2010

 The Requirements of the Data Delivery Platform, February 2010

 A Definition of the Data Delivery Platform, January 2010

 Operational Business Intelligence by Accident, January 2010

 The Data Delivery Platform: Collected Comments, July 2009

 The Flaws of the Classic Data Warehouse Architecture, Part 3 - The Data Delivery Platform versus the Rest of the World, May 2009

 The Flaws of the Classic Data Warehouse Architecture, Part 2 - The Introduction of the Data Delivery Platform, April 2009

 The Flaws of the Classic Data Warehouse Architecture, Part 1, March 2009


Articles written by Rick F. van der Lans and published in Dutch

 De logical datafabric is een flexibele data-architectuur, November 2022

 Dataminimalisatie in de praktijk, December 2021

 Dataminimalisatie: Het nieuwe ontwerpprincipe voor data-architecturen, November 2021

 De holistische aanpak voor het ontwerpen van een data-architectuur, November 2020

 De moderne data-architectuur, Mei 2019

 De nieuwe economie bestaat niet!, Januari 2019

 Heeft SQL nog wel toekomst?, November 2018

 Die eeuwige weerstand tegen nieuwe technologie!, Oktober 2018

 Onze man in Silicon Valley, Augustus 2018

 Self service analytics het grote BI dilemma, Oktober 2017 

 Uitdagingen voor het ontwikkelen van data lakes, April 2017

 Wanneer is NoSQL nuttig?, Februari 2017

 OLAP-on-Hadoop in opkomst, Februari 2017

 De noodzaak voor flexibele, bi-modal datawarehouse-architecturen, December 2016

 Datavirtualisatie is NIET hetzelfde als datafederatie, December 2016

 De oorsprong van de logische datawarehouse architectuur, December 2016

 Data strategie is de puzzel, Februari 2016

 Het is tijd  voor het logical data warehouse, November 2015

 Is het topmanagement klaar voor het gevecht om big data?, Juli 2015

 Interview: 6 vragen over Big Data, Februari 2014