The SQL Guide to SQLite - first edition

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The Most Complete and Practical SQL Guide to SQLite


SQLite is a small, fast, embeddable, SQL-based database server. It is very easy to install, needs no management, and is open source. This book describes SQLite in detail.


For more than twenty years, van der Lans's Introduction to SQL, has been one of the most popular books on SQL. Thousands and thousands of IT professionals have learned SQL programming from his book. The SQL Guide to SQLite is his latest book. All the typical SQLite features and statements are discussed in detail. So, it is not a generic SQL book, it is a book on the SQLite open source database server, including descriptions of all the new features.


With hundreds of examples, plus a proven approach and structure, the book teaches you how to use SQLite efficiently and effectively. It contains a complete description of the SQL dialect as implemented in SQLite version 3.6. The book can be seen as a tutorial and a reference book. Learn how to:

  • Query and update data
  • Create and restructure tables, views, and indexes
  • Work with storage classes versus data types
  • Specify primary keys,foreign keys, and check constraints
  • Develop triggers
  • Embed SQL statements in PHP code
  • Use the Pragma statement

Target audience: This book is intended for all developers and students using the SQLite database server. From developers of small organizations responsible for developing websites using SQLite, up to developers working for large corporations. Everyone will learn from this book. In short, if you use SQLite, this book is for you!

Downloading The SQL Statements


All the SQL statements of the examples and exercises can be downloaded here. Instead of having a separate file for each chapter (as described in the book), we have created one file that contains the statements for all the chapters. This makes downloading easier.


Downloading SQL code for Restoring the Original Sample Database


If you want to restore the sample database to its original structure, download this file, and execute the SQL statements. The tables you have already created will be dropped, and new tables will be created.


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